Work Examples

RUSH VR (2018)

Worked as a gameplay and UI programmer in Unity3D (C#) to produce a high definition version of the VR wingsuit gliding game RUSH, originally for mobile VR devices, on PS4 and PC, including better visuals, dynamic time of day and weather, new flight control methods utilising hand controls, and new content.

RUSH (2017)

Worked as a gameplay and UI programmer in Unity3D (C#) to produce the VR wingsuit gliding game on GearVR and Oculus GO, named RUSH.

Chef’s Quest (2016)

Worked as a UI and gameplay programmer in Unity3D for a Match 3 game, Chef’s Quest, on Android and iOS.

Forest Home (2015)

Worked as a gameplay and UI programmer on the mobile puzzle game Forest Home, created in Unity3D for Android and iOS.

GitHub Projects (2015 – Ongoing)

In my free time, I maintain some programming projects such as mods for Minecraft and Divinity Original Sin 2, alongside some other small projects, which can be found here:

The Binary Mill Games (2012 – Ongoing)

I have worked on multiple games at The Binary Mill as a gameplay, ui and tools programmer. While I have listed multiple above, I have also worked on the following games released by The Binary Mill:

  • Mini Motor Racing Anniversary Edition
  • RUSH
  • SWAT Academy VR
  • Gun Club VR
  • Chef’s Quest
  • Mini Motor Racing Arcade
  • Sky Hoppers
  • Hammer Time
  • Forest Home
  • Gun Club 3
  • Mini Motor Racing EVO
  • Gun Club 2

Qantm Project – To Survive a Madman (2011)

This game that I worked on at Qantm as a Gameplay Programmer was made by a team of eight Qantm students as a Final Project. The team contained two designers, three programers and three animators. It is a first person puzzle game based around magnetism, using a custom DirectX11 based engine.

As the main gameplay programmer, I created the gameplay physics, revolving around iron blocks and gears, which can be magnetised to each other, rotated around, pulled, repelled and so on to solve increasingly more difficult puzzles.

QinetiQ Internship – TALON Project (2011)

During my internship at Qinetiq, one opportunity I had was to work on a small project to create a simplistic simulation of a bomb-diffusing drone utilising Unity3D. I am able to show the following section of what I worked on with permission from Qinetiq. In the simulation, the user must move the TALON (Using WSAD keys) to the bomb at the exit gate of the area, and then move the bomb to the disposal area.

Click here to run webplayer

GeraltEd (2010)

GeraltEd is a C# program I developed to modify the player’s data in the Witcher 2. I created this to learn more about how commercial games use external data. The program has not been updated for the Enhanced Edition of the Witcher 2, however it should still work under most circumstances.