Maxwell Grant

I am currently happily working at The Binary Mill as a Programmer, and have worked on Rush VR for PlayStation 4 and PC, and numerous mobile titles such as Rush, Chef’s Quest, and Forest Home. I also maintain a few mods for games in my spare time, some of which can be found on my GitHub profile.

Before working at The Binary Mill, I graduated from Qantm College in December 2011, with a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, majoring in Games Programming. I am proficient with C#, C++, Java and Javascript, have worked with many other languages such as LUA and Python, and am always willing to adapt to new languages as required.

Additionally, I have worked with SourceTree and the GitHub client for GIT version control, TortoiseSVN for subversion repository control, Doxygen for code documentation and Visio in the creation of UML diagrams.

I have worked extensively with Visual Studio for programming with any style requirements, and have more recently started working with Rider as my primary IDE. I have years of experience using Unity3D, and have experience using Photoshop, Blender, and 3DS Max (including MAXScript). I have also used Unreal Engine (both 3 and 4), and the Source Engine, in my personal time.