Maxwell Grant

I am currently happily working at The Binary Mill as a Programmer, and have worked on numerous mobile titles such as Rush, Chef’s Quest, and Forest Home. I also maintain a few mods for games such as Minecraft in my spare time. I graduated from Qantm College in December 2011, with a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment, majoring in Games Programming.

I am proficient in the programming languages of C#, C++, Java and Javascript, have worked with many other languages such as LUA and Python, and am always willing to adapt to new languages as required. I have worked with SourceTree and the GitHub client for GIT version control, TortoiseSVN for subversion repository control, Doxygen for code documentation and Visio in the creation of UML diagrams.

I have worked extensively with Visual Studio for programming with any style requirements, have years of experience using Unity3D, and have used the Adobe Suite (primarily Photoshop), Blender, and 3DS Max (including MAXScript). I have also used Unreal Engine (both 3 and 4), and the Source Engine, in my personal time.